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The Edge of excitement

About Us

The Edge complex is being built on a site at the southern end of Great Yarmouth’s Golden Mile by Pleasure & Leisure Corporation PLC, owners of the town’s famous Pleasure Beach.

The Pleasure Beach was originally established in 1909 when it consisted of a scenic railway roller coaster and little else. The park has developed considerably over a period of time and is now the most visited attraction on the east coast of Britain, with 1 million visitors per year. It has been in the ownership of the Jones family since 1954.

The Edge is the brainchild of Albert Jones, managing director of Pleasure & Leisure Corporation PLC, who campaigned for five years for one of England’s eight large casino licences to be granted to Great Yarmouth.

The Edge was one of two rival projects submitted to Great Yarmouth Borough Council. It won the licence at the end of a rigorous competitive process that included the impact of proposals on regeneration and employment.

Development consultants for the Edge are London based Hawes Price Ltd, who are specialists in commercial property, mixed-use development and refurbishments in London and the south-east regions.

Working on schemes worth between £1 million and £25 million, Hawes Price Ltd are experienced in complex developments like the Edge and have been working with Pleasure & Leisure Corporation PLC for over 10 years.