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The Edge of excitement


The Edge is being built on a 2.49 hectare coastal brownfield site between Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach and the town’s outer harbour.

A landmark gateway building along the Golden Mile, the Edge will be a focal point on Great Yarmouth’s skyline and seafront, setting a high standard for entertainment and leisure architecture in the town.

The complex will be a series of modern iconic buildings, its design expressed through form and structure rather than decoration. It will be a celebrated addition to Great Yarmouth’s townscape, with timeless qualities comparable to the best buildings on the Golden Mile.

The aim is to create buildings that reflect the wider environmental context of sea, sand and sky. The design of the Edge will respond to and create a dialogue with its setting and its close proximity to the natural environment including the sea, the outer harbour and nearby Nelson’s monument.

The development will provide high quality leisure facilities, including an 81 bed Premier Inn, restaurants, an indoor play area, a cinema and a casino.

The Edge complex will be developed in three phases:

Phase 1:

  • 81 bed Premier Inn hotel, 6,000 sq ft Beefeater Restaurant and 165 car parking spaces.

    88 of the car parking spaces are already open and operated by Green Parking - http://www.green-parking.co.uk/pleasure-beach-car-park/

    The remaining spaces together with the Premier Inn hotel and Beefeater Restaurant have a planned opening of June 2019.

Phase 2:

  • 8 Screen multiplex cinema
  • 5 restaurant units comprising of 18,950 square feet
  • Indoor play area comprising of 6,000 square foot
  • Parking

Phase 3:

  • Large Casino